Student Leadership

Student Leadership

There are a number of opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and passions.

Leadership oportunities assist our students to work as a member of a team, develop and build positive relationships between their peers and teachers, contribute to the school comunity, use their voice responsibly whilst dispalying our School Values of Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Responsibility.


School Captains

There are two school captains elected by the students and staff at the end of term 4 each year. These two students represent the school at a number of functions and greet and guide important visitors to our school. They also lead school assemblies and other similar events. School Captains are also a member of our School Council.


School Houses Captains

We have three houses named after significant places or people in the local community.

Bolton (BLUE)

Mullawallah (RED)

Springs (YELLOW).


Each house has a house captain. They are responsible for organising equipment and house activities.

All students are assigned to a house when they begin their schooling at Waubra PS.


Junior School Council

Students in grades 2 – 6 are elected representative at Junior School Council. These students meet as a committee to discuss and organise events for the school.


Past School Captains

Year School Captain School Captain
2015 Jaylean Brand Isabella Machin
2016 Jeff Debast Joshua Stepnell
2017 TJ Emmins Angela Kotek
2018 William Brand Mackenzie Clark
2019 Billy Briody Indianna White
2020 Holly Briody Flynn Sandlant
2021 Evie Davidson Tom Koros
2022 Mackenzie Hepburn-Swadling Izzy Grail
2023 Nelly Molloy Georgie Koros
2024 Marlie Briody Hope Herbertson