Springs House

Our great Town, Waubra, was originally named "Springs". Springs was the name used on account of the natural waters in the district.


In the late 1850 & 60’s Springs was a booming town with four hotels, one of these hotels was “The Springs Hotel”, as it is still known today.


1888 was an important year in the history of Springs, as not only did the town see the opening of the railway line from Ballarat, but the name was changed from Springs to Waubra.  At a public meeting held on the 30th of July 1888, the President of the Lexton Shire explained to the people the reason for changing the town’s name. There was already a Railway Station with a similar name in Northern Victoria.  He stated that three names had been suggested and they were “Vernal”, “Springdon” and “Fountain”. During the meeting a number of other names were put forward, including Waubra, Eildon, Baraga and Irwin Springs.  A ballot was taken and Irwin Springs was the name everyone liked.  The chairman said he would inform the Council of the meetings choice, however the decision was overridden and on 19th September 1888 a Government Order in Council announced the town would be known as Waubra. The next month the Waubra Railway Station was opened.

In 1888 the School was established, but not on this sight, and it was known as “Waubra Primary School” Number 859.


The name “Waubra” comes from the Waubra tribe of the Wathaurong people.


By Cate Molloy, Grade 6


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