Bolton House

Mount Bolton’s aboriginal name is Boriga, which means loose ground.


The first white man to name and discover Mount Bolton was Major Thomas Mitchell on his third expedition to Australia that began in 1836. He described it as prime agricultural land which brought farmers to the area.

Although gold was not found, it also brought in enterprising, brave people who set up their businesses in the area.


By 1850 the area had:

-          Two churches

-          Two flour Mills

-          A boiling down factory

-          Four hotels

-          A race course

-          A post office

-          Three general stores


And much more!


The early settlers were brave and industrious as well as hard working and determined. These are qualities that all Bolton House members possess!


Lucy Koros, Grade 5 


Year Captain
2017 Isabella Koros
2018 Lucy Koros
2019 Adele Hepburn-Swadling
2020 Summer Kotek / Evie Koros
2021 Mackenzie Hepburn-Swadling
2022 Georgie Koros
2023 Tori Clark
2024 Evelyn Caspersz