At Waubra Primary School we are supported by resources from Janice Tuck / Fun Music Company (with lots of visual aids and interactive resources) to support your children's learning about music. All students have the opportunity to experience, enjoy and feel able to make some contribution or response to it. 

Class lessons focus on using our voices to create atmospheric sounds and singing to provide an extra dimension to drama, art, poetry and stories. Students learn rhymes, raps, poetry and songs and are encouraged to participate and perform them in class. This assists them to gain increased confidence to perform in front of their peers and relate to them as a performer as well as a member of an audience.

We explore movement to music to develop fine motor skills and whole body movements through dance, drama and body percussion to further develop their sense of rhythm and the ability to respond to it and develop their creative expression.

Through exploration and experimentation, percussion instruments are used to obtain an awareness of the different sounds they make and how they can be used in music to understand the beat and rhythm of music and to support role play situations.

A wide variety of musical styles are played in the classroom to give the students the opportunity to experience musical activities in a variety of contexts and to develop an appreciation towards the many styles.